Re-snaking an expansion chamber

Unfortunately, the images to this post were lost in a server crash.  i’m preserving the text in case it is of any help to anyone.

Here is the Ape 50.

There aren’t any really high-end exausts available to fit this, so we are going to modify and re-snake a Hammerzombie pipe to fit it.

First thing i did was get access to snake the exhaust.

As i currently do not have the fuel tank installed or any fluids in the engine, it was a simple matter of removing the battery and tipping it on it’s side.

This is the Hammerzombie, in it’s unaltered state. A great smallframe pipe.But, when put on an Ape,  the truck bed got in the way of the header, and the differential got in the way of the main body of the pipe and the axle got in the way of the muffler.

so, we’re going to fix that.

First, we had to cut the header along the seam in it and rotate it to get it away from the truck bed.  we used this cut off saw, but found out later the band saw would have gotten us a better cut.

Here we are, cutting the second cut.

It looked good, so we tacked the header together at the first pipe with a TIG setup.

And then did a test fit.

This went well. So we did the next cut.

We tried the band saw, but on this large section of the pipe it was deflecting to much, giving us not a straight cut.

So we got it most of the way with the thinwheel, then switched back to the bandsaw to finish off the cut.

And then a test-fit. and then tacked together.

we were worried a little about the pipe coming too low, and killing the ground clearance.

We tried another test fit. We ended up going with a slightly different routing on the final weld, though.

And here is the pipe fully welded and good to go, except for the bracket modifications.

And here we go. the final picture. looks a bit different than the standard Hammerzombie.

All in all, i’m happy with it. we just need a piece of  1″ angle stock and an exhaust clamp to make the bracket and it’s good to go.

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