Rebuilding the rear brakes on the Ape 50 – Part 2

Unfortunately, the images to this post were lost in a server crash.  i’m preserving the text in case it is of any help to anyone.

So, when we last left off we had removed the half-shafts from the Ape, and had removed the brake backplate and drum on one side.

Yesterday the parts arrived, so last night I finished this up. so. here’s how you take apart and rebuild the backplate and brakes. First, remove the brake slave cylinder.

This removes via two screws that hold it to the backplate.

For comparison, here’s my old cylinder and the new one next to it. for some reason the bleeders were pretty much completely corroded away and would have been completely unserviceable. the other wheel’s cylinder  was actually WORSE than this side.

The next item you have to address is these little springs that pull the brake shoes towards the backplate.

Just grab them with a pair of needlenose pliers and unhook them. Next, push the brake shoes off the pivot rest. they should slide right off. Like this-

One important note – notice how the spring’s hooks are offset to one side on that bottom spring? remember that. you need to have that orientation correct when you re-assemble them or the spring will want to pull the shoes off their rests and out of the alignment they need to have.

Once the shoes are off the backplate, unhook the bottom spring. you can push the shoes together to take the tension off of the spring.

Then pull the shoes apart at the bottom to remove the bar the cable brake uses. remember which side goes towards the backplate, as it is different.

Reassembly is pretty much the reverse of these steps, with a few exceptions. of note is the replacement RMS brake shoes. in stock form, the hole for the smaller spring was not big enough for the spring to fit in so I had to enlarge it with a drill. I recommend making sure all the springs fit in all the holes before attempting reasembly.

For reassembly, install the bigger spring and the e-brake bar. make sure you get the bar in properly as it is different front to back and left to right.

once that is on, it should look like this:

next, i installed the master cylinder into the space in between the shoes. Then i installed the smaller spring opposite the brake sure you have it on right. Here’s the correct and incorrect way, shown against the backplate for reference.

Before putting the shoes onto the backplate, put the brake cylinder in place on between the shoes. then put the shoes into place.

One huge thing to point out- see those two bolts to hold the backplate to the bearing holder? put those in now, because these two ones can’t be installed into their holes if the brake shoes are on the backplate.

You’ll need to get the brake shoes onto the piece opposite the brake cylinder. it’s not easy, but with a little careful levering they pop into place.

Once you get the shoes seated in place, bolt in the brake cylinder.

Re-install these two springs:

And the brakes are back together.

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