Rebuilding the rear brakes on the Ape 50 – Part 1

Unfortunately, the images to this post were lost in a server crash.  i’m preserving the text in case it is of any help to anyone.

Last week, we started rebuilding our Ape 50’s engine. While we wait for parts to arrive, we’re going to rebuild the rear brakes.

So, when we got this thing it wouldn’t roll. after we removed the engine it became clear this wasn’t in the differential, it was in the rear hub/brake drums.

And there’s the rub; the brake shoes were stuck to the drum. a pain-in-the-ass situation to say the least, not even taking into account the fact that i hadn’t ever had one of these apart.

In the spirit of  “in for a penny, in for a pound”, I decided that as long as i had to take the rear wheels apart, i’d get new brake shoes, cables, and hydraulic slave cylinders.  The slave cylinders ended up costing $15 a piece, so it really was a n0-brainer.

But how to get it apart?

I ended up removing the wheel bearing housing from the A-arm.

 The brake line, two bolts, and the nut that holds the shock on the bottom is all that held it on.

I managed to get the four bolts out of the bearing holder that held it to the brake backplate; once I removed these and the nut on the shaft, the half-shaft and wheel bearing housing  just lifted off the assembly.

This is definitely not the preferred disassembly order; but, it did make the shoes and the hub easier to separate by making the assembly less cumbersome.

From here, I had to tap, beat, and pry ever so carefully. If one is VERY careful not to overtighten them by mistake, the rest stops for the brake shoes can be adjusted to their relaxed position. these are the two hex head bolts at approximately 12:00 and 6:00 on the picture above.  I managed to walk it free and get them separated.

I’ve also decided the wheel bearing holders will get all new seals since i have them apart.

Watch the website for part two, witch will detail the re-assembly of the rear hubs and bearing holders, to be written when the parts arrive.

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