Reinstalling the Ape 50 engine

Unfortunately, the images to this post were lost in a server crash.  i’m preserving the text in case it is of any help to anyone.

Here’s a write up on reinstalling the Ape 50 engine.

it’s going to be more write up than photodocumentation, as i didn’t take too many good pictures of this step.

So, in this picture I have the front engine mount bolt in place, and both axle shafts removed. i’ve also removed both the rear shocks as I planned to replace them anyway and this seemed like a good time to do it.

Of note, you’d typically want to have the cooling shroud on the cylinder, but I left it off since I have to modify an exhaust and figured that would make it easier.

Next, swing the engine up into place and bolt up the engine cradle.

Then, I replaced the rear shocks.

Here’s a shot of the old shock and spring next to the new shock. These shocks were pretty reasonable. I’d recommend replacing them if you have an ape 50.

To get the shocks out, there’s two covers held in place by two screws each in the truck bed. remove these  to get access the top shock mount. remove these nuts top and bottom to get the shocks out.

Then you install the half shafts. These slide in, and then there is a thrust washer that goes against them. Of note is that this washer has a tab on it. This tab has to line up with a corresponding notch in the differential.

Then you install the circlip.

At this point, you’d probably hook up all the electrical and the control cables. I have other things to do first so i didn’t.

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